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Awesome UX writing resources

I could hoard it all, but just like my children scream at each other when they want what the other has, “sharing is caring”. 18 (or so) free UX writing goodies UX writing newsletters UX Writing Hub In this newsletter, you’ll get all the dirt on the UX world by Yuval Keshtcher including links to […]

UX Writing Basics

What is UX (copy)writing?

This post was originally published on my personal site way back in 2017 when I wondered “Is UX copywriting what I’ve been doing all along?” This is an updated version which reflects some of what I’ve learned since then about UX writing as a profession. You’ve heard about UX Design. And you also know about […]

Editing UX Writing Basics

Principles of UX writing

UX writing is not a profession or expertise that everybody realises exists. For me, UX writing became a specific job when I realised that although the titles I wore mostly had “writer” or “communications advisor” in them, they weren’t quite right. It became obvious when I was asked to justify my word choices when my […]